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2010-05-17 17:37:38 by Cateyes27

I'm new to newgrounds though I've visited the site many times. I'm excited to meet the people here. So far I only have my art to show but there's a chance that later in the year I'll know all I need to know about flash.

Currently I'm a college student working on my Bachelor's degree in digital animation and video game design. Wish me luck in my future projects!

DA: Cateyes27 Deviantart


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2010-05-17 18:27:54

Good luck on your upcoming work!

Cateyes27 responds:

Thank you very much ^^


2010-06-14 20:59:52

hey nice pics !!!! , best wishes for you, hope we can talk, my golden dream is visit japan, hope you could teach me something about that country ( sorry if i made some mistakes, i barely remember how to write ln this language)

Cateyes27 responds:

When I went to Japan I found that they're used to visitors. It was hard to communicate. I guess you could say English in Japan is like Spanish in America. There's subtitles in English under a ton of Japanese writing. That's what I found most interesting ^^ I'll try to post more pictures!


2011-04-20 17:48:38

Good luck and has fun doing so!